Sunday, May 27, 2007

Landslide Victory for the Nats

Or so it would be if an election had been held today, not only were National soaring above Labour in the One News poll, Key was also beating Helen by about 10 points.

Economic Confidence is down as well and it looks fairly certain that NZers are wanting a change in Government and leader, although this is not entirely suprising considering Labour are in their third term.

It is interesting watching the polls for the first time with no bias towards the Labour Party - felt strangely odd to have a little voice inside my head on seeing the polls cheering, although I still remain PARTYless - politically at least.


Anonymous said...

The National Party are lucky to have you as a member. A possible future Judith Collins? Its nice to see so many caring Tories.

James said...

Don't worry....the track record of the Nats is to basically be Labour lite whilst in office so calm down. The possibility of another Douglas revolution are slim mores the pity and so NZ will carry on on its path to third world status until there no further to go..

I hope I wrong and Key goes free market mad and slashes hell out of the State and its bloated uselessness but I ain't holding my breath...

Heine said...

It would be nice, especially as we never did manage to complete what Roger started. But I wouldn't celebrate until the election is over and ACT is re-elected with an increased vote.

If the Nats come to the party with some policies and ideas that are inspiring then we will all get in behind and put this Labour government to bed.

Insolent Prick said...

It actually says a lot about the immediate future of the Labour Party when even its most vocal activists are jumping ship, such as yourselves, or in Tony and Jordon's cases, burrowing into their little holes and remaining silent.

I had expected Jordon and Tony to come out arms flailing, smearing John Key, defending the indefensible lack of policy from a government run out of ideas, and at least make an attempt to look desperate. Good on them for having the honesty to read the writing on the wall, and choosing to save their socialist energy for another day.

The few who remain in the Labour Party now should have a long, hard think about what they need to do to reorganise, find a new leader and leadership team, and plan to make themselves a credible opposition.

The Labour Party is being torn apart. The Nats went through the same experience after 1999, following some idiotic choices while in Government. The right of the Labour Party have lost faith in Michael Cullen, and the Left--as seen by red rasputin--are agitating to take a bigger role in the party. Not pretty at all.

Anonymous said...

Welly Girl one of the most vocal activists and Tony and Jordan hiding in holes?

Always hilarious to read what non-party members think they know is going on.