Monday, May 14, 2007

Silver Ferns Beaten

The Silver Ferns were beaten 45-50 by England this morning in Manchester in the first match of the tri-series between Australia, England and New Zealand. This is not a good sign.

Ruth Aitken had said on television last night that she would not be experimenting in this series as they can not afford to be beaten in matches so close to the World Cup. No doubt that this is because it would be a blow to the team's self-esteem, and no doubt this win has England on a bit of a high.

Will be interesting to see how the Aussies do against England and then obviously in the trans-tasman clashes where the competitive streak is always strong and it is usually quite a physical match.


Tigrr said...

....and now they've lost to Aussie (47 - 50) too! :-(

welly_girl said...

I know!

Heine said...

Losing to the Poms is outrageous. They have a terrible netball team.