Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bain on Bail

One can not help but notice the serious change in appearance of David Bain. He has gone from being a geeky boy to a rather mature and well presented man.
I felt a bit sorry for him yesterday when he emerged from the Christchurch High Court to be surrounded by the media, according to the news last night it was the largest pack of medica the court has ever had.
Bain is currently on bail while it is assessed if he will go to re-trial or not. Some conditions of his bail are that he must live with Joe Karam at his home in Te Kauwhata and he is not permitted to travel to the South Island at request of the Bain family.
Bain asked if he would be allowed to have a job which the judge agreed to, stating that Bain is entitled to have as a normal life as possible while out on bail. With Te Kauwhata a fairly small town many are welcoming Bain into their community, and he could possibly find work there. If he is prepared commute Auckland is only 45 minutes away.
For me the only thing that forms some doubt of his innocence is that forensics have shown that the way that Robin Bain was shot it was impossible for him to have shot himself, and so therefore that means someone had to have committed these murders, whether it was David or someone else needs to be considered.
He is however guilty of committing crimes against fashion, those jumpers were terrible, although I am sure they kept him warm.
It is going to be an interesting case to watch, especially if it goes to re-trial where the appeal process could go on again and this case could end up in the Supreme Court of New Zealand.


MikeE said...

Very obvious that you are a "Welly_Girl"!

Te Kawhata is hardly a 45minute commute if you are working in Auckland.

Try 2 hours or more if its during the mornings or afternoons when everyone else is trying tog et to the city.

welly_girl said...

Well I actually stole that line off the TV 3 reporter so blame incorrect journalism ;P

James said...

If you believe Ian Wisharts latest scandal its possible the Bain family were killed by corrupt cops who were trying to silence Lianet Bain who most probably had serviced many of them as an underage prostitute at Reflections massage parlour and had a list of names and no.s.Could Police have waited till David left the house,then got in and killed the family,set up the evidence to make it look like David did it(who better qualified to do so?)then left before David returned who then became the perfect patsy for their mates who turned up to "investigate"?

This would explain why Robyn Bains bladder was full and the doubt over his having shot himself with the rifle...?

Full of holes I know and way out there but intriguing to contemplate...

James said...

Further to my conspiracy theory...Some may ask "But why kill all the family when you only wanted Lainet silenced?"

Hmmmmm ..possibly because A) Lainets single murder would have forced police to investigate as it would be way too suspicions in the surrounding context of dodgy cops and underage sex to ignore and brush over,...having her die in a mass shooting by her brother removes suspicion from other people with motives..

B)Who else in her family might she have told? She did tell her friend about the incest so she was capable of doing so. Eliminating them all solves that problem...

The truth is out there.....;-)